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Prism Bitch packs a powerful punch. Sporting a blue stripped track suit, vocalist Lilah Rose collapsed to her knees, her feet pressed against her back as she violently played guitar on the floor. Bassist Lauren Poole, in matching yellow joggers, screamed into the mic before kicking the air Chuck-Norris style...
— SF Sonic
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Prism Bitch is a hard rock band that beamed down in 2016 from the dust and wind of New Mexico. The group started as a four piece and asexually reproduced an additional member in 2017, resulting in a 5 piece mix of heavy guitar/keyboard layers blended with pop hooks/melodies/harmonies and occasional total noise freakouts - often compared to The Pixies and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


Freakout 2018 was closed out by Prism Bitch with a whirlwind of rock chaos. They were just announced as Freakout Records signees in September and brought brightly colored tracksuits and neon face paint to the stage. Punk rock pop stars who tell you that you’re gonna die with a smile on their faces...
— Ballard Vox



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From humble beginnings at a punk rock coffeehouse open mic to nominations in the Weekly Alibi’s "Best of Burque” music awards for 2017, 2018, and 2019 (Best New Band, Best Party Band, Best Stage Presence, Band Most Likely To Make It Big In Japan), Prism Bitch has been privileged to share stages with Treepeople, Shonen Knife, and Le Butcherettes.

In September 2018, Prism Bitch completed a West Coast tour with Built to Spill, and will be touring again with the iconic band on the east coast September 12 to October 12, 2019. Prism Bitch released their self-titled EP November 2018 through Freakout Records. The EP features 5 new songs, recorded with engineer Toshi Kasai, known for his work with The Melvins, Big Business and Foo Fighters.

Prism Bitch has a reputation for wild and performative shows, professionalism and friendship.


The best thing I can say about Prism Bitch is that I barely know what to say about their set; the music transcended the moment and I got pulled into a rip tide of the purest fun I have ever been blessed enough to be a part of. From the moment the sweatsuit-clad band stepped on stage, the atmosphere of the room transformed...
— Weekly Alibi

Upcoming shows (2019)

on tour with built to spill 9/12-10/12

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